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The major advantage for every Indian-American holding H1B came three years ago in the form of providing working rights to their spouses who were on H4 visa status. This renowned decision was taken under the Barak Obama administration in the ye...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 08-01-2018

There is a clarification from USCIS, the US Federal Immigration Agency that H-1B Visa Holders, can work for more than one employer, but they are required to have, an approved I-129 for each of them. ...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 15-12-2017

The US has revoked the suspension and has decided to resume fast processing of H-1B work visas of all categories. This will be subject to a Congress-mandated limit. The decision was a result of the speedy disposal of the applications for the work visas in large numbers. H...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 19-09-2017

There has been sharp decline reported in the total number of H1B issued to the IT professionals this year.The year 2016 saw only 9356 Visas issued to the IT companies which went down by 37% compared to 2015 where 14,792 H1Bs had been issued.  ...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 07-06-2017

The year 2016 saw a change in US administration from Obama to Trump who has imposed travel bans on dominant Muslim nations. This news won’t be a reason of appeasement for the Pakistanis were in the year 2016 an average of 6300-6700  immigrants to use to travel every month which from the start of the year 2017 has been declining…

USA Immigration News
Posted on 30-05-2017

Considering the aftermath of the political drama taking place in the US which started in second half of 2016, there has been many hues and cry with “visa overstays” a term being framed for the 744,000 which accounts for 13% of the total 50 lacs visa immigrants for the year 2016.   This phenomen...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 23-05-2017

A session to share the information regarding the US student visa process was conducted on last Saturday by the United States Embassy in India at the United States-India Education Foundation office. As per the social media handle of the United States embassy, approximately 60 students who have taken admission at the University of So...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 16-04-2017

It’s just a week ago that the US government began accepting applications for H-1B visas for the year 2018. The H-1B is mostly issued to the overseas tech workers. The USCIS started taking H-1B applications for the fiscal year of 2018 on 3rd April 2018 and reached the mandatory 65,000 application cap within 5 days only. ...

USA Immigration News
Posted on 10-04-2017

As per an official statement released by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, " The USCIS has reached the congressionally mandated 65,000 visa H-1b cap for the fiscal year 2018."

USA Immigration News
Posted on 07-04-2017

If you had a notion that being bright - and gifted in science & engineering will make you land in the United States of America then you need to wake up. The flight to US has restricted the number of seats available under H-1B quota and has based it completely on a lottery based system. The lottery for H-1B Visa…

USA Immigration News
Posted on 04-04-2017
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